MYAMYAYM MAGNETICS LIMITED , as the leading magnet manufacturer ,currently offers various magnet and magnetic solutions , including :

NdFeB Magnet
Servo motor, Step motor, Brushless Motor, Texture Motor, Vibration Motor, Generator ,VCM ,Pump, special Motor, Wind energy, lifter, speaker, Magnetic Switch , Flow Mere. CDDVD-ROM, watt-hour meter, NMR , Medical devices, separator, Sensor, etc.

Alnico Magnet
Instrument , meters ,Automobile Parts, motors, sensors, speakers, education, etc

Ferrite Magnet
permanent magnet motors, permanent magnetic separators, driving motors, spindle motors, speakers, magnetic couplings, holding-magnet systems etc.

SmCo Magnet
Space probe,national defense and military ,microwave appliance,communication,medical equipments,motors, instruments, various magnetism spreading devices,sensor,magnetic processor,magnetic lifter,etc.