China rare earths present situation and policy

 Company News    |      2014-07-22
Rare earth material current situation.
  •   China now take 23% rare earth source and support 90% use for  the world.
  •   Rare earth overexploitaction.
  •   The ecological environment is damaged heavily .
  •   The industrial structure is unreasonable.
  •   The current price of rare earth and deviate from actually value.
  •   Export smuggling is very serious.

Development principles and objectives

  •   To protect the environment and save resources
  •   Insist on the total amount control of rare earth production and inventory optimization.  
  •   Insist on both domestic and international market development; two resources.
  •  Adhere to the cooperation between local economic and social development.
Main objective 
  •   Establish the rare earth resource orderly development
  •   Key areas' ecological environment effectively recover.
Till now, total 13 nines, 76 Smelting separation enterprises are forced to close. The government force the mines and smelting separation enterprises to spend more than 4000 million RMB on the environment protecting and technology upgrading in 2011, which will continue for the future.